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Aladdin Review

Aladdin - Waterside Theatre - Aylesbury
Fri 2 December to Monday January 2023

Last Night (6/12/2022) Panto one again returned to Aylesbury. As the temperatures dropped outside. The temperatures rose inside with the energy on stage from the cast of this year’s panto Aladdin. Panto came to the Waterside theatre and Sophie Denny the Theatre manager said she felt it was the best panto so far. I had to agree.
As always the set was tremendous, with the Toblerone sides which easily took you from an Arabian town, a glittering palace and a dark dingy cave.
Eastenders star Davood Ghadami played Abanazar, and was perfectly cast. During the show, he slowly but surely turned the boos from the audience into cheers. Not sure that’s how it is suppose to go. But he was a likeable rouge.
Wishee Washee (Andy Collins). An Aylesbury favourite, couldn’t do anything wrong with his home crowd. Wishee Washee and Widow Twankey (La Voix) stole the show in so many ways. The balloon dance routine at the palace was hilarious and the twelve days of Christmas as always, a crowd pleaser. It was so funny to watch Andy trying to land the 4 frying pans on the head of La Voix, With mischief in her eyes La Voix got revenge by throwing the toilet rolls into the audience for Andy to go and collect from the water pistol armed audience, not once. But twice! So funny.
One of the many parts that stood out for me was a reference to Abanazar’s wife by Aladdin and as the final word left Aladdins (Kian Zomorodian) mouth, Abanazar came on stage and recreated the Will Smith Oscar moment. Pure genius. Obviously without the expletives.
The spirit of the ring (Jenny O’Leary) What a voice! Jenny did well as it is not a part that has a lot of scope to it, but she did do well. Her Character gave a lot of cannon fodder for the various double entendre’s during the show.
Every Aladdin show needs an Emperor (Vas Constanti) and a Princess Jasmine (Melanie Elizabeth). These are not easy parts to make funny as they are needed for the plot, but not for the laughs. The emperor tried with having a dodgy tummy with various sound effects ringing out. The princess had a lovely singing voice and was the princess.
Aladdin (Kian Zomorodian) although good, for me seemed to lack the connection with his brother and Mother (Wishee Washee and Widon Twankey). I felt he could have done more with his part. But vital for the plot considering the name of the show.
The ensemble as always were polished and the Allstars Academy ad Castielli School of Dance were well rehearsed in their involvement within the show.
The creative team should be proud of what they have achieved. From the direction by Chris Nelson. The Musical Direction by Michael Webborn and excellent choreography by Aaron Renfree. Anthony Williams Executive Director, should be proud of his team. A well-polished show. Also nice to see local children from the Allstars Academy and Castielli School of Dance getting the opportunity to tread the boards at a professional theatre.
Overall 4 out of 5 stars from me. Great show, Great plot and some funny belly laughing moments from the regular cast. Waterside theatre you have another smash on your hands and thank you for the invite to come and review.
Aladdin is on at the Waterside theatre in Aylesbury from now until 2 Jan 2023. Please don’t miss this production. Good family fun with jokes and double entendre’s to suit all ages.

Reviewer: Mark Bilsby

Greasepaint and Stage Lights

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